Epworth Church Sign - 5Points

Epworth Church Sign - 5Points

28 January 2010

Ruminations of Others - 28 Jan '10

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by Julia Sweeney:
I don't know how full-time moms do it. I can't get anything done when Mulan is around. It's a miracle if I get to read e-mail and keep the house from turning into a dump. I have no idea how someone takes care of more than one kid and does things like... oh, make dinner. OHMYGOD. I am so glad I became a mother because I think I would feel uppity about at-home mothers. Now I know it's the hardest job in the world.

How can anyone think pornography is inherently bad when we involuntarily write, direct and star in it for ourselves while we sleep?

Sometimes I think life is too fragile for me to go through it without anesthetizing myself. I used to do it with God, and then I did it with sugar, and fried food. But now I just feel it, and it feels pretty damn bad sometimes.